International transportation

Nowadays different profiles of a company and meeting the demands of the market is confined not only for our homeland, but it is present in international relations too.To run efficient international business you need a helping hand in the field of logistics.

International transportation and transport of goods is a complicated process requiring appropriate competence, which depends on the quantity of the goods and its qualities.

Single international transportation
Regular international transport of goods
Transporting goods requiring special conditions for example chilled products, oversized products, normal trade products

While transporting international goods maintainig and protecting the security of products is a condition, which is essential throughout the whole transportation period. Our company with its many years of experience, varied vehicles meets every requirement and its proficiency is at its current and new partners’ disposal in connection with the orders for international transportation. Please contact us with confidence on our availabilities.

International moving

Nowadays many people try their luck abroad because of taking on a job or studying so they move to this country either alone or with their family. Moving is a stressful and burdening process even if it is abroad so it is worth arranging everything in advance and ask for a professional and reliable help.

Some simple advice in connection with international moving:

Try to pack your properties in packing paper of good quality and provide reliable protection for your furniture as well
In the case of moving check with the headman whether you have everything and do the same process at the destination too.
Do not pack your personal papers, documents, keys and any valuable things, always have them with you
When moving and your pets get abroad too, please make enquiries about the rules of the country and the possibilities and conditions of their transportation.

The experts of our company are at your disposal with their suitable vehicles and professional knowledge during international moving to take the burden off your shoulder.In connection with international moving please contact us on our availabilities.

Contact person in English: L. Kiss Tamás, his phone number: +36 30 2899064